Biomass Heat-carrier Heating Boiler

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Equipment of Heat Energy Plant

The heat energy plant with capacity of 60MW (5000 x 104 Kcal/h) designed and manufactured for Beijing Krono-Senhua has operated for 7 years.

The heat energy plant with capacity of 21MW (2000 x 104 Kcal/h) designed and manufactured for Anhui Hualin Artificial Board Co.,Ltd. has operated for 9 years.

Biomass Fuel Feeding Facility

Biomass Fuel Heat Energy Plant System Drawing

Changzhou Zongyan Heating Boiler Co., Ltd. has designed and manufactured the large-sized automatic heat-energy plant withleading level in China. It has been firstly and successfully brought into production in Anhui Hualin Artificial Board Co., Ltd. Changzhou Zongyan has set a precedent in localization of large-sized heat-energy plant and filled a domestic gap in this field.
The scrap materials including bark, wasted wood, wooden meal, etc. produced in wood processing industries which are decayedand rotted shall result in gross pollution of environment. The heat-energy plant is designed to incinerate these wasted materalswhich contain heat calorie, thus bringing about the heat sources needed in wood processing, high-temperature heat-transfer media and dry process. The localizaiton of the heat-energy plant with air-cooling reciprocal grate has reduced the investment for users. In 2003, the project obtained the Certiifcate of Hi-tech Products of Jiangsu Province, about which has been concerned by the related departments of State Council. Up to now, Changzhou Zongyan has produced more that 20 projects of heat-energy plant. Among them, the heat-energy plant with capacity of 5000 x 104 kcal/h has operated high-effieicntly in Beijing Kronosenhua for many years.
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High-efficiency, Energy-saving, Environmental Protection

ChangZhou Zongyan continuously scales the heights and makes efforts for motivating the application technology of heat-carrier boiler to the new top.